At Savva Automotive we follow a strategic process, of understanding our Clients’ needs. Clarifying the actions that need to be addressed. Create solutions that are SMART, (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed based). Change comes with the ability and desire for the client to let go of the old ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and willingly adopt the new way of operating. Continue with them to implement specific levels of knowledge and understanding that will result in improved and sustainable performance. Close, ensuring and helping the client understand how it was done, why it worked, and how the exercise can be repeated.


Andy has owned & managed some of the most successful independent garages in the UK. As an automotive aftermarket business expert, he has helped many garage owners take their businesses to amazing levels of success. but he has also helped many industry-leading Original Equipment Parts Suppliers & Distributors understand how garage owners think and what they want from their suppliers. There is no doubt about it Andy Savva is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate figures when it comes to automotive industry.

Services offered:

  • Operations Management for the Service Business
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Review and Analysis of your Current Business
  • Service Experience Training & Coaching
  • Financial Management
  • Automotive Service Best Practice
  • Workshop Management & Efficiency
  • Reception Management

At local Savva Shop you will find a variety of quality products for your car, truck or SUV at fair prices. The products are provided by the absolute industry leaders that have been in the business for years, such as (tire division), (auto car division), (replacement car bulbs) and more. Step in to purchase the car products you need at our local shop to get great deal, professional advice and genuine quality!

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Andy’s attention to detail and philosophy to continually train his entire team to the highest standard has made his garage the ideal partner for our Pro Tech Plus Workshop Scheme.
Matt ShakespeareTechnical Sales Manager, ZF Services UK Ltd
Andy is widely recognised as one of the leading independent garage owners in the UK. One of the reasons for this is that Andy recognises the constant demand for independent garages to stay ahead of the latest technologies and servicing requirements.
Richard BowlerEditor, Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine
In the UK we have developed relationships with Professional Technicians like Andy Savva who are totally committed to fitting Genuine Original Equipment Parts and deliver a level of service that in many cases exceeds even that offered by the Franchised Dealers.
Nigel MorganManaging Director, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket